Your dog will get plenty of exercise and socialization with other dogs.
As a result you will have a much happier and fit canine.

1 Dog2 Dogs*
5-DAY PACKAGE$135$245
10-DAY PACKAGE$260$468
20-DAY PACKAGE$480$864
*Dogs must be from same family


  • Supervised playgroup
  • Structured play
  • Fun, action-packed activities

Doggie day cares are needed because dogs are social, pack animals. They thrive best when they have constant interaction with other dogs. Two well-known phrases hold true: “A bored dog is a destructive dog”, and “A tired dog is a happy dog”. What could be better than knowing while you’re at work, your special pup is having the time of their life at Baxter & Beasley with all their four-legged friends?

When your dog comes to play at B&B for day care, he or she will be integrated into a supervised play group. This is done carefully and at a pace within each dog’s comfort level. We will work with your dog helping them learn how to play nice. Your dog will be provided a fun, friendly, action-packed alternative to lonely days at home. Plus, we give pup parents a break in their busy schedules and from dreaded dog guilt. Many dogs that don’t do well around other dogs in their homes or near their families can play at B&B without trouble because we provide structure and direction.

Feel free to call any time to check in on your dog. If your dog has any special needs or requires any special treatment (for example a lunch or medication), please tell our staff and arrangements will be made at no additional cost.

Contact us to schedule doggie daycare