Owner, Trainer

Pets names/ Breeds:
Greta, German Shepherd
Ranger, Daschund

“I have dedicated my whole life to learning about and working with dogs. In 2011, I finally followed my dream and opened Baxter & Beasley with my family. I pride myself on using new and varied techniques to help owners with their dogs, and to rehabilitate aggressive dogs that would otherwise not have been adopted. In addition to training, I also work closely with local rescue groups, and teach foster parents how to properly care for the dogs while they await their future homes. Opening B&B is by far, the most rewarding experience of my life.”





Pets names/ Breeds:
Greta, German Shepherd
Ranger, Daschund

“Not only do I get to work with incredible dogs every day, but I get to do it with my family. Working alongside my husband and daughters has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember. And the dogs we get to work with are just amazing, we’ve grown to love so many of them as if they are our own!”




Pets names/ Breeds:
Fiona, Toy Fox Terrier
Vita, German Shepherd
Delilah, English Bulldog
Xana, South African Boerboel

“When I was little, I used to love watching my dad, Mike, train our German Shepherds—it inspired me. I’ve always loved animals, and I feel the overwhelming need to be their voice. I am extremely fortunate to be able to do something I love and am passionate about for a living, and I’m so proud that it has provided me a platform to help save over 100 dogs and cats—a number I look forward to growing in the years to come.”



Employed since 2011

Pets names/ Breeds:
Carmella, cat
Cash, Chineranian

“I stared my career working with dogs 11 years ago alongside Mike. I have chosen to follow him on his endeavors because I love what I do as much as he does. I learned my training skills from Mike and use those skills every day with a variety of breeds. At B&B, everyone is like family.”



Employed since 2011

Pets names/ Breeds:
Bentley, Doberman Pinscher

“I enjoy being able to provide a “home away from home” experience for our furry guests. Being an animal enthusiast, I can honestly say that my position at Baxter & Beasley feels more like a privilege than a job. I look forward to every new day with each of our pups.“



Employed since 2016

Pets names/ Breeds:
Ranger “Waffles”, Yellow Labrador

“The people are great and so are the dogs! It gives me the perfect opportunity to gain experience in working with dogs, which is something I’d love to do with my life. This has been my most favorite, and best job I’ve ever had.”



Employed since 2013

“I enjoy waking up every morning and spending my day with the dogs that need to be groomed. I unfortunately am unable to have a dog at this time, but I care for all the dogs that come to B&B as if they were my own. I also take pride in styling my customer’s pets exactly as they’ve requested.”

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